Are You A HyperConverged Admin ? Take The Test!

In large companies most of the IT people are siloed into boxes regarding their skills. So you got Networking, Compute, Storage etc admins. Some work together others don’t.

What I noticed during a lot of Hyperflex installation at customer sites, that for Hyperflex you need a HyperConverged Admin! Somebody who knows a bit of everything. Of course he/she can still have their expertise, but if the VM Admin doesn’t know what a vlan is, he can’t tell the network guy why he’s needing the vlan for the Hyperflex solution.

Let’s do a test to see if you are a HyperConverged Admin!

Welcome to the "What kind of Admin are You" test.

What is your email ?
What type of admin are you ?
Where do you create datastores ?
Where to configure maintenance policy's of the servers ?
How do you configure a routable vlan ?
Volumes are created at ......

Don't worry regarding the results ! You won't be fired by your boss... I hope... 😉



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