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Wow ! What a colorful wedding.

09/16/2018 Joost 0

On august 1st I got married and it was an awesome day. Because this wasn’t our first wedding, we wanted to have a nice atmosphere with a lot of fun. Preperation I propose to my […]

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Keep on dreaming…

02/10/2017 Joost van der Made 0

I have a dream…. Which manager wasn’t dreaming about¬†your IT sitting on a beach and the Data center would be completed automated without any human errors ? I believe this is the future. But aren’t […]

Zonneboiler pakket

Zonneboiler subsidie 2017

02/06/2017 Joost van der Made 0

This page is in Dutch because the RVO subsidy is only for the Netherlands ! Return on Investment van een Zonneboiler Het belangrijkste om uit te rekenen hoesnel je een zonneboiler terug verdient, moet je […]

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