5 Great Features of Hyperflex 3.0

There it is. Hyperflex Data Platform 3.0 is downloadable via the http://cisco.com/go/software site. More nice features are added to the HyperFlex Data Platform software. Here are some great features in no particular order. In my next posts I will go deeper into details of the features.   Feature 1 : Streched Cluster Having a backup site is always nice to have. Replication was already a feature in the software and now you can write your data across multiple datacenter. More information about streched cluster can be found at : https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/hyperconverged_systems/HyperFlex_HX_DataPlatformSoftware/HyperFlex_Stretched_Cluster/b_HyperFlex_Systems_Stretched_Cluster_Guide_3_0.pdf   Feature 2 : Multiple Hypervisors From the beginning of┬áHyperFlex, … Continue reading 5 Great Features of Hyperflex 3.0