Upgrade to HyperFlex 3.0. It’s so easy!

With all kind of new features, who don’t want to upgrade to the latest and greatest release of HyperFlex Data Platform. Curious about some features ? Just read this blog : 5 Great Features of HyperFlex 3.0

Upgrade to HyperFlex 3.0:

Upgrading the HyperFlex software it’s easy. But first you will have to read the upgrade manual ! (RTFM)

Then you will see that you have some requirements steps.

vMotion interfaces should be configured, the system should be in a healthy state.

And installing the Bootstrap is the most important one.

Install the Bootstrap :

First you will have to upload the hyperflex upgrade file (downloadable from cisco.com/go/software) to the HyperFlex cluster.

This can be done via MobaXterm or WinSCP. With those tools you can upload files via the ssh protocol.

Untar the storfs file with :

tar -zxvf <filename>

Then start the


You will need to fill in the vcenter credentials and then just wait for a few minutes.


The bootstrap is installed and please have a close look at the last sentence :

Bootstrap completed. Please use HX Connect UI to upgrade cluster to “3.0(1a)” release

When this is done, the real upgrade can be done.



Upgrade the HyperFlex software to 3.0 via HX Connect UI:

Let’s select the Upgrade tab and for the HyperFlex Edge upgrade, there is no need to upgrade UCS Manager.

First select the HX Upgrade file which you downloaded from cisco.com/go/software

Then you fill in the vCenter credentials :

And now the system is upgrading the nodes 1 at a time.

You still can have a peek at the nodes and see which is already upgraded.

1 node is already upgraded to HX 3.01a version. The one which is offline is being upgraded. The other is still at the HX 2.5 version.



Up and Running :

After a few minutes you will see that the whole system is healthy again and then all nodes are upgraded to the new version.

In the event logs you see then the upgrade was finished.

Cool, isn’t it !

The installation guide can be found at : https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/hyperconverged_systems/HyperFlex_HX_DataPlatformSoftware/HyperFlex_upgrade_guide/3-0/b_HyperFlexSystems_Upgrade_Guide_3_0.pdf




  1. I manage both Hyperflex and VMware vSAN environments.
    I have to say the Hyperflex systems are quite horrible, they keep breaking and take more than 10 times as much time to handle than the vSAN environments.

    • Sad to hear your experience. It should be very stable. Please connect to your local Cisco SE and verify that everything is setup correctly. (Firmwares, settings etc.)

  2. HyperFlex has been ROCK solid for us… I currently have (8) 16 node clusters, (2) 32 Node clusters, and (6) 5 node clusters supporting VDI, and general server workloads. HyperFlex downloads page has all the recommended UCS FW, and ESXi versions depending on which HXDP version you are running.

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