Convert VMWare with vmkfstools -i failure…

I wanted to have a bitnami virtual appliance in my vSphere environment. Of course I was using the documentations and there was :

If you want to run on VMware ESX or ESXi you can use the “vmkfstool” command line that you can find in your server host to import/export the machine:

$ vmkfstools -i original.vmdk new.vmdk

I tried it and I got :

#vmkfstools -i bitnami-suitecrm-7.1.4-0-ubuntu-14.04.vmdk SuiteCRM.vmdk
Failed to open ‘bitnami-suitecrm-7.1.4-0-ubuntu-14.04.vmdk’: The system cannot find the file specified (25).

The file was there, but there was a failure.

Google is your friend so I asked her and I found the solution !

#vmkload_mod multiextent
Module multiextent loaded successfully

And now I was able to use vmkfstools…


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