Virtualbox error : VT-X is not available

Virtualbox could not start image again.

For installation of a Cisco Hyperflex system I am using Virtualbox on my laptop for the image. This is working perferct!

During a devnet session I had to install Docker on my laptop and I could create a Sparkbot. Really cool by the way. Then I wanted to install Hyperflex via my laptop, but I received some really strange errors.

VT-X is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX

Virtualbox error

Virtualbox error

I was looking for a solution and I found out that Docker is using the Hyper-V feature of Windows 10. I stopped the service, but still some errors.

Just  disable the Hyper-V feature completely. You can find this feature at “Programs and Features



And then disable the Hyper-V feature.


When that happend and after a reboot (It’s windows…..) Everything was working again.

Startup of the CentOS is working again :



Make sure that Hardware Virtualization is enabled.virtboxsettings

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