12 Km Mud Masters 2017

My diabetes wasn’t stable all the time and I knew when I was sporting, the results were way better. That’s why I did the Mud Masters 2016 in Biddinghuizen. Of course I choose the smallest distance, which was 6 Km.

Mud Masters 2016 Biddinghuizen 6Km

Mud Masters 2016 Biddinghuizen 6Km

Mud Masters 2017

My next challange was the Mud Masters Haarlemmermeer 2017 12Km. This time I did practise the running and I was able to run 15 Km complete. So that has to be sufficient for the 12Km Mud Masters. Diabetes controls my life and some exercise is needed to have a stable sugar level.

The temperature in April was 11 Celsius. In a short and tee is very cold. Especially when you are sometimes totally in the water. I used a thermal shirt. This was a very pleasant shirt. Nice and warm in the water. Don’t use cotton clothes. A lot of people were having it too cold and even some need a thermal blanket.

Because you got an rfid Mud Masters make some nice action pictures when you’re doing obstacles.

Although I got a Omnipod, I had no problem with the obstacles !

Yeah ! I finally finished the 12 Km in 2 hours and 10 minutes. But the time is not relevant. sometimes you will have to wait 5-10 minutes at an obstacle before you can try it. Only the first (18Km) run is for a fast time. The rest is just for the fun.


Here is the parcours of the Haarlemmermeer 2017. I ran the blue and red circle. If you are a real die hard, you can run the 18 km and then you get all the obstacles of the run !

And after the run you can get your t-shirt ! 😉



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