Automate UCS X-Series with ChatGPT

Almost everybody followed some Python course to learn how to program, and I did too, and I know a bit about APIs. I am a “Copy-Paste” programmer, and I use others’ code and try to get it working. There is no real structure in it.
Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot like ChatGPT, work for you and ensure you get the desired script in no time?

4 min Video:

I’ve created a video where I am asking ChatGPT questions. You have to be specific to it, which will give you the desired result. If it doesn’t give you the effect, you rephrase the question.

UCS X-Series automation without knowing programming? Use ChatGPT.

In this video, I am asking ChatGPT to explain the following:
– an Intersight API
-create a Python script with the output I want

Python code from ChatGPT for Intersight and UCS X-Series

In this case, the Intersight authentication was not correct. When you say which API authentication you are using in Intersight, it will correct this.
– have ChatGPT convert that script to Go-Lang. (Go-Lang is way faster with APIs because of its default parallel processing.

Convert Python to Go-Lang

– Add some extras to the script
– Create a poem about UCS X-Series. (This is awesome!)

Thank you for watching, and I hope you are inspired to use any AI. AI in the coding world is not new and thanks to ChatGPT it is well known by the big audience.

ChatGPT is just an example. Try also and see the differences.
Both AI Chatbots have advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like Bard at the moment because it is very fast and the results are closer to my expectations.

You can ask Chatbots a lot of questions and ask explicitly what you want. Do you want to hear the answer as if you are a 10-year-old or like Stephen Hawking? There will be a difference in the answers.

Don’t be afraid of AI, use it in any ethical way and have it work for you.

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