Solution : Can’t add an EMC VNX 5500 to UCS Director 5.4

With UCS Director you can easily automate your Data center.

Not only the Cisco devices, but also third party devices like the EMC VNX 5500. But when I tried to add the VNX to the UCS-D system, I received an error and had a problem… Howto fix this. Gladly there is some good documentation after a good search. 😉

Here’s a video I created with the solution.

Howto Add an EMC VNX 5500 to UCS Director 5.4


If you don’t like watching a 5 minute video, here is an old fashion blog. 😉

The problem :

I got the error : Test Connection Failed: Block connection failed…. when I wanted to add the EMC VNX to UCS Director 5.4


The solution :


NaviSecCLI must be running somewhere on a Unix machine. In this case it’s the UCS Director where it’s installed.

You can download the NaviSecCLI via wget http://<Link to RPM> and install it with RPM -i

First lets test it locally if the Naviseccli is working :

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.35.51


If you can’t run the SSH command, your path is likely not correct.

For UCS Director to add the VNX, it’s using the command : SSH<username>@<NaviSecCLIHost> naviseccli

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.36.08


Make sure PATH is correct, so that NaviSecCLI can be found. (Edit .bashrc and .bash_profile)



SSH with the Naviseccli command is now working :

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 14.36.41


And finally everything is added to the UCS Director 5.4



Here’s the Cisco Documentation

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