Internet is getting faster. Now the bottleneck is Storage !

Well. Right now I don’t have any problem that my storage can’t keep up with my internetconnection.

And that has to do with my very slow internetconnection :

Hopefully I will get fiber-to-the-home somewhere this year. And when I got 300 Mb, will I be able to download at that speed ?

Of course I can test it with, but then all data remains in memory. Nothing is written to storage. (Doesn’t matter if it’s HDD or SDD.) So how to change this is you don’t want to invest in different hardware.

Think smart ! What is the fastest storage we got for ages….. It’s memory! I used RAM Drives since DOS 4.0 or something.

With laptops with 16 Gb of memory, why not create a RAM disk for temp files and downloads ?

On my mac I created a RAM drive of 1 Gb :

diskutil erasevolume HFS+ ‘RAM Disk’ `hdiutil attach -nomount ram://2097152`

To calculate the size it’s :  <Size of RAM in MB> * 2048.

Now all my downloads are going to the RAM disk and with rsync I rsync it once a day to my freenas.

With memory, you don’t have any limitations of speed of writing data.


Here is the link for a RAM Disk in MAC OSX.

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