Howto dress when it is : Business Casual!

What is a Business Casual dress code?

Not good

Not Business Casual

Okay. I’ve got a company party and the dress code is : Business Casual. So I looked it up internally, but there was never a written dress code. Some colleagues told me I had to look it up on the internet… Cause everything on the internet is true… That’s why I wrote this article. If they complain I am not compliant with Business Casual, I can refer to this article ! 🙂 #PrettySmart

But how to dress for a Business Casual Party ?

It’s okay to wear a complete suite with tie and also shorts, shirts with prints and polo’s. No blue jeans, not even when it is a short ! And no sneakers.


Yep. Business Casual


Almost over dressed !



A : Is there a difference between man and woman regarding clothes ?

Q : NO ! Men can do wear skirts / kilts too. As long as its a little bit longer then woman skirts, you’re safe !


A : Is it alright if people see my arm tattoos ? 

Q : Yes ! We’re living in 2016 and find 3 people without a tattoo.


Q : Can I wear sneakers ?

A : No. Not even design sneakers. A sneaker is a sneaker. No sporting clothes or attributes.


Q : What about flipflops ?

A : As long as it doesn’t make any annoying sound.


Yes! Business Casual. Shirt with prints are fine as long as it is your favorite beer.

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