Healing a Cisco Hyperflex HDD Failure

Is your Hyperflex system failing ?

Powerpoints are nice selling tools, and I like to test all kinda things before I believe it ! So why not test a healthy Hyperflex System and remove a HDD ?

When the system notice there is a HDD missing or corrupt, it will kick in self healing in about 1 minute. The amount of time to heal itself depends on how full the harddisk is. To have a realistic test, the system is full for about 75% !

Now it’s only a matter to watch the system until it’s finished. In this case it was about 20 minutes and everything wat healthy again.

Here’s a small video how Self Healing kicks in and what the impact is on the system. What happens on the Fabric Interconnect links ?

Cisco Hyperflex HDD Self Healing

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