Become CCIE : Step 3 Read

Step 3 : Read

Right now you passed the ccie written and you are able to set a date for your lab exam. Although you already read a lot for your written, there are also some reading recommendation for the lab. Some same books, some are new. Read also design guides and technotes, which are available on the Cisco site. Make notes of important configurations. What I did in the past was starting with a personal blog. Just to search my “notes”. You still can find this blog at The posts which I created in the beginning of my CCIE Wireless journey were not correct. But I didn’t care. I was still learning from my mistakes. Although it is a personal method to make notes, a lot of people were also those notes and I got to know some other which were also trying to pass the wireless lab exam.

CCIE Books

And again the tip : Once you finished reading the books and notes, read them again and again. I like reading everything in PDF and then highlight the important things. This way when I was reading the book again, I just saw the important thing or things I just should read more carefully. Know everything for the ccie lab !





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