Become CCIE : Step 4 Schedule

Step 4 : Schedule

When you got a date of your ccie lab exam, you can schedule your personally agenda for reading and practicing.  When you make a schedule, be honest to yourself. You can schedule time in the weekend but if you are full with all kind of things, you will have to make choices. One thing you should keep in mind: If you start the journey, it is very important to keep on the correct road. When your social life is suffering because of you schedule, maybe you will have to choose to stop the journey and try it a year later.

CCIE Agenda

When I am coaching wanna-be CCIE’ers, we’re creating a schedule. Sometimes persons only want to spend 10 hours a week to practice. This is way too less ! To pass the lab you will have about 800-1000 hours of practice and reading. If you only got 10 hours a week, you will be more then 2 years studying. A week got 168 hours. You will sleep about 56 hours a week, so you still got 112 hours left. If you got a full time job, you still got 72 hours left each week. Try to practice each weekend for about 16 hours and during weekdays just read a lot and do some repetitive tasks. 20 hours each week is the minimum of time you will spend for practicing for the ccie lab.

If you rent labs online try to schedule it when it is convenient for you and not when the lab is available.





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