Become CCIE : Step 5 Find Study Partners

Step 5 : Find study partners

You can do your journey by yourself and it is doable but when you have a companion, you will experience that the journey is easier. If a colleague is also starting with a CCIE journey you can together create a schedule and use the same equipment’s. What if you do not know anybody who is starting the same track as you? Google on forums and Facebook. There are some Facebook page which are closed groups.

CCIE Study Partners

Be careful whom you pick as a study partner. Make sure that they passed the written already or that the date is close. During my first CCIE journey we were with five Dutch guys gathering together. It was easy because we were in the same time zone and distance was not too bad. When I started with the wireless journey, I had a study partner in the PST time zone. This means that, even during weekdays, I was awake during the night, just to chat to them on a regular base and discuss problems that we found. Because of this, my social schedule was totally different then normal persons. Although I had two little children and was married at that time, I managed to study in the night for ccie, have some sleep in the morning and started the day with my family and did some normal thing with them. Then after dinner I started to practice again and did this to late in the night.





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