ESXi upgrade for Cisco HyperFlex

Every now and then there are some new versions of software. Not only for Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform, but also for ESXi.

It’s not recommended to do an auto update of vmware, because Cisco HyperFlex is using their own ESXi image with pre installed vib’s. You can download the ESXi for HyperFlex at and search for HyperFlex.

Howto upgrade ESXi for HyperFlex ?

The first thing we should do is make sure that the HyperFlex system is up and running in a healthy state.

As you can see the nodes got version 6.5.0 (Build 5224529) running.

Now we can put the node into HyperFlex Maintenance mode. NOT the VMWare maintenance mode ! There is a difference.

After you hit the “Enter HX maintenance Mode” you see a warning. Just hit OK to put the node in the HX Maintenance mode.

The VM’s are migrated to other nodes.

You will see when the node is in maintenace mode.

When it’s in maintenance mode and we got the right file from CCO, you should upload the file to the ESXi node.

An easy way to upload a file to the node is via WinSCP or MobaXterm. It will use SSH to upload the file to the node.

You can also upload the upgrade file to a HyperFlex data store. the data store is always visible on each node, so you only have it uploaded once !

In the next example, the bundle was uploaded to a data store.

Use the following commands :

esxcli software source profile list -d /<Location of the bundle>/<Bundle Name>

to verify if it’s the correct file.

Now you can use the command :

esxcli software source profile update -d /<Location and name of the bundle> -p <name of the profile you saw during the previous command>

And now just wait a few minutes.

Now you can reboot the ESXi node and wait for a few minutes.When the node is up and running again, you can verify the ESXi version and as you can see, you will see a different updated build right now. The command for the ESXi CLI is :

vmware -vl

Don’t forget to Exit the HX maintenance mode so that the cluster can be healthy again.

Of course it’s also possible to exit and enter the HX maintenance mode via HX Connect

When you repeat this for all HyperFlex nodes, all ESXi versions will be upgraded.

If you are not a Hyper converged Admin yet, please have a look at :

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