Disaster Recovery with HyperFlex Replication 3.0

In HXDP 3.0 some features were added to replication. In a previous post I’d showed you how to configure Replication. See this blog about Replication 2.5.

The procedure for the 3.0 version is still the same, but got a different look and feel. Recovering is way easier in this new HyperFlex release.

Recover a VM

I had already configured 2 HX cluster that they replicate some VM Images to eachother. Now I powered of one of the HX cluster.

As you can see, I can’t edit any Replication Pair, because the other site don’t exists anymore.

You will see 1 VM still protected. That’s because it only replicate once every day. The 2 other VM’s exceeds the interval, because their interval was 5 minutes. (This is also different than in the 2.5 HXDP version.)

Select 1 Virtual Machine and click on “Prepare Group Recovery”


You will get a warning :


Now you will see the change of the Protection Status to : Recovering


Select the VM again and click on “Recover”


If you’re using a resource pool or Folders, you will see them in the drop down boxes.

You can adjust the power of the machine and the Network. In this case I want to power up the machine right away.


You will see the green bar and the status of the VM.

After less then a minute the status changed to Recovered.


In my case you will see the VM up and running at the DR site !

Pretty Cool, isn’t it ?

Replication in HXDP 2.5 was a start. More enhancements were added in the HXDP 3.0 software.


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