Why Garmin Fenix 5 Now ?

For a long time I had the Garming 620. It’s a nice sportwatch and I wanted something newer. After wearing the Polar M600 for a few months, I decided to buy a Garmin Fenix 5. There is nothing wrong with the Polar watch, but I liked the interface of Garmin Connect. The Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is way newer and my watch was cheaper. (Yes, I am Dutch….)

Garmin Fenix 5

A really nerdy feature which I like now, is taking a screenshot from your watch and put those picture in a blog. 😉

Screenshot Garmin Fenix 5

First of all, I setup that holding a button would give me a screenshot.

Then you connect the Garmin with the USB cable to your computer. Now you can browse to the correct directory and there are the pictures ! Pretty Cool !

Garmin USB Screenshot

The watch got a lot of features. It can look at your stresslevel by measuring your heart.

Meature the heartbeat without a special band.

My heartbeat is alway a bit low and now this watch is measuring it almost constant.

Heartbeat Garmin Fenix 5

It can give notifications of your phone. You can add some applications, widgets or watch faces. Pretty easy.

Of course there is still the feature : Virtual Partner which I really like.

The picture below is a screenshot of the Garmin Connect. Pace, elevation, cadance, temperature etc. You will see it all. Pretty nice.

The watch is awesome with a lot of features. Yes, you still have to run by your own, but it can keeps you on track.

Right now I am looking if I can see any relevance between stress / heartbeat and my diabetes.

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