Start Relaxing and let HX Profiler and Sizer do the Trick !

HX Profiler

Do you have a hard time to discover your workload ? What are you running and what resources does it need from your VMWare environment. Stop counting manually ! Use Hyperflex Profiler and Sizer tool.

Of course you can have a look at my HX Sizing tool or the official Cisco Hyper Sizer for Partners.

VIDEO : What are the steps to have the Profiler work for you ?


Just in case you can’t watch a video for 5 minutes :

First you will have to download the HX Profiler OVA via the HX Sizing tool. Install it and have it run.

Add a vCenter and wait until about 8 polls.

HX Profiler and Sizer

Select the desired VM’s from the Hosts.

HX Profiler and Sizer


Have the tool run for a couple of days.

Download the 30 days csv file.

HX Profiler and Sizer

Create new workload on the HX Sizer.


HX Profiler and Sizer

Choose File.

HX Profiler and Sizer


And here you go. A complete All Flash or Hybride Hyperflex kit.
HX Profiler and Sizer

You can download a BOM or PPT with more information.


HX Profiler and Sizer

The PPT is automatically generated with some nice slides which you can use !

HX Profiler and Sizer






  1. Quick question. when I deploy the OVA file it asks me to set the system password. while when I logon it asks for both username and password. what is the username?

    I tried admin, Admin, Administrator, administrator, root with no luck.

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