HX Hyper-V Profiler
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HyperFlex Hyper-V Profiler Tool

11/20/2018 Joost 0

The HyperFlex profiler tool is very cool. It shows you some more insight about an environment which you then easily can convert into a new HyperFlex system. Now it’s possible to not only have more […]

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Hoenderdaal 2018

11/15/2018 Joost 0

I am living in the north of the Netherlands and in the neighborhood there is some kind of zoo called Hoenderdaal It looks small and it’s really amazing. Just a walk and some drinks could […]

Final Result Taxidermy
All Kinda Stuff

Yes I Can ! Taxidermy

09/18/2018 Joost 0

Last weekend me and my wife did a beginners course of taxidermy. This doesn’t make me any pro, but at least I know if I like it or not. It’s possible that you see some […]

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Wow ! What a colorful wedding.

09/16/2018 Joost 0

On august 1st I got married and it was an awesome day. Because this wasn’t our first wedding, we wanted to have a nice atmosphere with a lot of fun. Preperation I propose to my […]

Data Center

How dCloud Almost Saved My Life !

07/07/2018 Joost 0

The saterday before my Cisco Live presentation there was a power outage in my lab. I had already for 5 hours no connection to my HyperFlex cluster and I was getting very very nervous. The lab would […]

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