Positioning different Nexus switches

The nexus portfolio is very compleet and there are some overlaps regarding the devices and features.

A lot of people is asking when do the positioning a certain Nexus switch.


Here’s is a quick overview of the portfolio with some unique features :


Nexus 7000/7700

  • OTV, LISP, VXLAN, FCoE, High Density 1/10/40/100 Gb ports, DFA

Nexus 5000

  • Unified Ports, FC, FCoE, 10/40 Gb, DFA.

Nexus 3000

  • Low latency switches L2/L3, 1/10/40 Gb

Nexus 9000

  • Lead with N9K when you don’t need FC, DCI, Low Latency.
  • Way to go for ACI.


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