Nexus 3232C and other Great 100G Stuff.

Once I started connecting two commodore 64 with the serial interface. And now we got 100G networks ! Such a wonderful world.c64

Here are just some of the 100G devices/modules that Cisco is selling and it shows that those devices are ready for the future.

Nexus 3232C 32x100G in 1U.



With 32 QSFP28 ports this switch can handle 32x 100G ! Amazing. With the QSFP28 ports it can also grow up to 96x 25G. Still in 1U. What a density in a small box. It got wire rate L2 switching and L3 routing. Up to 6.4 Tbps ! One feature I that is very useful is the programmability of this device.

For the full datasheet of this device : Link To Datasheet.

Nexus 7700 F3-12 x 100G


For the Nexus 7700 chassis there is a F3 blade with 12x 100G. It got Cisco CPAK connectors. In a Nexus 7718 you’re able to have 192x 100G ports. For the Nexus 7000 chassis there is a F3 blade with 6x 100G ports. Ofcourse you have to make sure you got enough fabric modules so that it can switch at line rate.

Link to Nexus 7700 100G Blade.

Nexus 9500 8 x 100G


For the Nexus 9500 chassis there is a 8x 100G blade. This blade can only run in stand-alone mode and not in ACI mode. The connectors are CFP2. As long as the packets are >200 bytes, everything is at line rate.

Link to Nexus 9500 Data sheet.

Nexus 9300 4 x 100G


For the fixed Nexus 9300 there are some 4x 100G uplink modules. It also uses the CFP2 connectors. The module in a 93128TX will provide 2x 100G. When you put the module in a 9396PX or a 9396TX it will give you 4x 100G.

Link to Nexus 9300 Data sheet.

Nexus 5600 4 x 100G Module. Up to 32x 100G!


For the Nexus 5696Q you can add 4 LEM modules. A module has 4x 100G, so you can go up to 32x 100G in a Nexus 5696Q. The connectors are CXP.

Link to Nexus 5600 Datasheet.

Are you ready for the future ? Until I got more then my 4 Mbps download speed, my 10G home network is fast enough. 😉






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