FlexPod is here for 5 years now and is it dead ?

UCP, vSpex, VersaStack, OmniStack, FlashStack and the list is going on and on. So manyFlexPod Converged Infrastructures and/or hyper-converged solutions. All based with Cisco Networking and Cisco UCS. But what about FlexPod ? It’s here for 5 years right now and is it still up to date and relevant? What are the key differentiators for the customer to still have a closer look at this solution ?

FlexPod is alive and kicking !

Flexpod is not a product that is 5 years old. It’s a solution to increase the IT responsiveness to business and reducing cost and risk which was create by NetApp and Cisco working together.

You’re not buying a product. It’s a design with shared support and R&D. Not only for NetApp and Cisco, but also for a lot of other 3rd party vendors like : Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Citrix, VMWare etc etc.

Flexpod is not just some NetApp en Cisco hardware. It also got automated provisioning capabilities to simplify deployment and monitoring. When you want to have a private cloud with OpenStack, there are CVD’s with all the configuration available.

Right now there are more then 100 Cisco Validated Designs for  Flexpod. Each with their specific software running on it.

Here you can find an example of a CVD : FlexPod AllFlash with Cisco ACI A good startpoint for the CVD’s is : www.cisco.com/go/cvd

Flexpod design with ACI

Because there are so many Flexpod CVD with 3rd party support, It got now the right momentum and it will be alive for many many more years! And more and more CVD’s are designed right now. Most of all your important applications can be installed on a Flexpod.

So : Celebrate FlexPod 5 years with Cisco and NetApp.

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