TOP 5 reasons to migrate to Cisco MDS SAN Switches

Yes, I like the Cisco MDS Switches. Right now they got the perfect portfolio for every customer with SAN Switches. Including you ! Just have a peek at the TOP 5 reasons and maybe, just maybe, you like it like I do !

TOP 5 :

5 : Integrated Management.

With the standard integrated Device Manager you can monitor and configure the MDS. DCNM is for a bigger environment and UCS Director finish the job by automating the whole Data Center. Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.37.33

4 : Higher Reliability, Redundancy

You can have AC or DC powersupplies in a N:N, N+1 redundancy. There is NO bandwidth loss. You can create a portchannel with any port, any module up to 256 Gb Performance. Hardware based Slow Drain detection and Mitigation.


3: Winning Combination : UCS + Nexus + MDS

The devices are running NX-OS and can be managed by DCNM or UCS Director for automation.


2 : MDS 9700 performance unbeatable !

Right now you can have 384 X 16G ports without oversubscription. The MDS 9700 is ready for the 384 * 32G ports without oversubscription ! (You will need all fabrics.)


1 : Multi-Protocol Flexibility

The Cisco MDS got multi-protocol which you can mix. FC, FCoE, multihop, Dynamic FCoE, FCIP, iSCSI. It’s all possible with the MDS familyMDS Protocol.

And the #1 for every accountmanager, customer, finance person : Yes, the MDS Switches are cheap ! And you get a lot value of that price.

Starting with a MDS 9148S and only 12 port licensed.


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