Hardware for a Software Defined Storage Solution

Are you looking for good hardware for your SDS Solution ? Cisco got a nice server with a max of 60 HDDs!

Cisco C 3620 dual node server

Cisco C 3620 dual node server

Yes, Cisco already got the C3160. It’s almost the same hardware, but there is one difference. The C3260 got 2 server nodes ! Why would you use those 2 nodes ? Think High Available ! This is what you want for your storage. You can fill the C3260 with 60 x 6T LFF harddisk, but also with SSD in slot 1-14 for more performance.

You can have 160 Gb (4×40 Gb) of bandwidth. And FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, SMB, SMB Direct are supported protocols on the C3260.

What are the use case for this server ? Every SDS you can think of, but also for archiving backups, video systems, lots of data etc, etc.

If you’re adding a harddisk, don’t let the box stay too long open, because the system will get hot ! This prove that the airflow of the C3260 is optimal designed and when the C3620 is in production in a rack, nothing will get hot.


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