Become CCIE : Step 1 Get Information

10 steps to become CCIE Certified

If I can do it, everybody can do it !

Step 1 : Get information

Do you have a dream that you want to become CCIE Certified ? You’re at the right address to start here. Before you even start thinking about the written and lab, first you have to get information. Maybe you already started at : for the first impression what to expect. But you want more information. Read more from persons who already finished the CCIE journey and you hope that somebody found an easy smooth road on howto pass the lab easily. You can read a lot of blogs and ebooks and I guess nobody would tell you it was a smooth and easy journey. It is a hard, long journey filled with a lot of problems. Not only technical problems, but maybe you will find problems of the social kind. If you start the journey, make sure you enjoy every minute of it ! Maybe you will pass the first time or maybe on the seventh attempt. You always should motivate yourself and have fun in everything you do otherwise you will never finish the trip.

CCIE Plaque

In this blog there are some steps so that you can think what is suitable for you. There is no single solution and every person is different. If you got the capability to know a CCIE’er, just have a beer with him/her and ask about their journey.





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