Expanding Hyperflex with a Compute Node is So easy !

When you have a Cisco Hyperflex cluster and you have enough storage, but you need more CPU or memory, it’s possible to expand the cluster with a compute node only.

In this instruction video I will show you the steps.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoSeL_TsEZA[/embedyt]

Summary :

  • Assign the Compute-Only service profile to a server.
  • Install the ESXi downloaded from the Cisco website (cisco.com/go/software)
  • Make sure you can ping the vsphere host.
  • Run the Hyperflex installer and choose the option Manual.
  • Check Deploy HX Software and Expand Server.
  • Fill in the requested credentials and add a compute node only with the vSphere ip address of the host.
  • Enjoy the show and wait until the expansion is finished.

Hyperflex Compute Only Expansion


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