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Since a time I am running with a Garmin 620 sportwatch. It should be capable to predict your time on different distances.

Race Predictor : Is it possible ?

My VO2max right now is just 42. I know it’s not high, but atleast I am running frequently and I like it ! Sometimes I am doing intervals and the next time I am doing some recovery walks. (Just to get a steady heart rate and pace.)

Next sunday I am trying to do a 5k as fast as I can. Hopefully I will be near the predicted time, because by the end of this year I want to run the Marathon of Las Vegas http://www.runrocknroll.com/las-vegas/


Race Predictor

As you can see is my personal record less then the Race Predictor of the Garmin watch. I don’t know the calculation of the times, but hopefully I will be close ! I still don’t get it. A low personal record and a low VO2max and still beter prediction then my current running.

Results of the Garmin Race Predictor:

5k : 24:45 (4:57 min/km, 95-97%HR : 167 -170 Zone 5)
10k : 51:22 (5:08min/km, 92-94% HR : 161 – 165 Zone 4)
Half : 1:53:52 (5:23 min/km, 85-88% HR : 149 – 154 Zone 2)
Marathon : 3:55:56 (5:35 min/km, 80-85% HR 140 – 149 Zone 1)


After the race I will post my results on this blog. Together with a complete analysis of the run !

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