Why A Facebook Page ?

Blogging is fun ! My personal words on the internet and anyone can read those. Twitter is a good medium to spread the word and there are other social media apps. But a lot of people still stick with facebook. To reach more friends and people I just created a Facebook Page, just for my blogs.

Link to my Facebook Page :

https://www.facebook.com/BlogJoostVanDerMade or search for BlogJoostVanDerMade

Feel free to like the page and be in touch with my blogs.

My Facebook Page


Is it hard to set it up ? No. It’s really easy. Just go to settings. Create Page and that’s basically it.

Now comes the hard part and that is filling the page with content. Because I am blogging a lot, I posted some content on my Facebook Page.

Then comes the part to reach more people, so I started to invite my friends. They are loyal and like the blogs regarding hiking and stuff.

To gain more visitors it’s possible to pay facebook to promote your website or posts. This is expensive, so I tried it for $3 and no more for me. 😉

I am still figuring what the possibiliteis are of the page and it’s totally different then my personal Facebook.

The next step is to join groups and communitys just to have more people interested in my page and hopefully in my blogs. I like when people are positive regarding the things that I write about.

Some personal Post about :

Have Phun !

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