Cisco Live Barcelona : TECCOM-1463

Yeah !!! I am a presenter at Cisco Live Barcelona 2018

TECCOM-1463 : Technical Seminar

On mondays there are Technical Seminars which you can follow for an additional fee. This year I am presenting the Hyperflex Ins and Outs Technical Seminar. Because participants are paying extra, the preperation should be very very good and that’s why I don’t post often on this blog.

Although the agenda and presentation are finished, during the seminar I will show some live demo’s. As a backup plan I will have to record every thing I want to show. This takes a lot of time ! And it’s loaded with live demo’s !

After Cisco Live I will post some very nice new things about Hyperflex 3.0 and the configurations.

If you go to click on Barcelona. Schedule Session and then you will see the content catalog.

Just search for Hyperflex and you will find :

The agenda for the session is :

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