FiveFinger – Can you walk on it ?

Last year I was thinking about FiveFinger shoes because people were saying it was better for you. Some people would even run on it !

Normal Shoes ?

I have some really nice pair of shoes. The Floris van Bommel are great looking and fits like a glove. But I can’t walk 10k on it.

Van Bommel

Floris van Bommel

Vibram FiveFinger

At home I was always waking bare feet and sometime on flip-flops. In May 2019 me and my wife went to a specialized shop in Hoorn to try the Vibram FiveFinger shoes.

Accoring to the salesperson it was good to start with the KSO. My first pair was black and I really like the feeling of it.

During our holiday to Vietnam, we walked over 200km without any problems, pains or whatever.

FiveFinger KSO

FiveFinger KSO

Now it was time to look for some V-Run to not also walk on it, but also run with it. As you can see on the picture it’s time to buy some new ones and I think I run/walked over 700 km with it easily.

For running take some time to get use to the new pair of shoes. Your calf’s will be working extra hard in the beginning if you never walked with the shoes (Or bare feet).

FiveFinger V-Run

FiveFinger V-Run

Because I have a new job, we were looking for some casual FiveFinger shoes. The Hemp is very cool and natural.

FiveFinger CVT Hemp

FiveFinger CVT Hemp

And because I am not in an area with a lot of trails, I bought also the V-Trail.

FiveFinger V-Trail

FiveFinger V-Trail;



The FiveFinger may look strange, but they are really comfortable and way better for your feet.

And I am not sponsored by Vibram. I really like them !

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