Become CCIE : Step 9 Speed

Step 9 : Speed

Now you know everything for becoming a CCIE.CCIE Typer

Theoretically and how to configure it. Now it is time to practice on speed.

Remember that you have 3 minutes for each point to earn. If you use the “?” after a command you have an area where you still can gain speed. Make sure that every common command can be used without the question mark behind it. Another way to gain speed is to type a less as possible. If you can shorten the command, practice it. Maybe some command are easier with GUI others can be faster with CLI. What I did was to use a stopwatch to see which way was the fastest! You will notice that you can make the dumbest mistakes during the CCIE lab exam due to stress. If you find a mistake, you will have to correct it as fast as possible. To know every command in your head, will be very convenient.





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