Tequila and Diabetes.

I only drink 100% agave tequila. Why ?

I prefer full bottles and they always get empty.

Lot of empty tequila bottles


Tequila got Alcohol. Is it bad ?

First of all : Alcohol is not good for your body. That is the disclaimer. And if you got diabetes and you want to drink some alcohol from time to time, please know what you can drink ! Beer and sweet white wine contains a lot of sugar. First your sugar will rise and when you are too drunk and sleeping, it is possible that your sugar level will drop very very low. This is one reason why I do not drink a lot of beer. Tequila got also alcohol and is made from agave. This is a plant and if you got 100% agave tequila (so not the distillate stuff) the sugars are there but different.

Agave for Tequila


Tequila and Diabetes

Why did I start to drink tequila ? I only knew the tequila from the bar which were awful ! Even with the lemon and salt it was just gross. Then I read on the internet, (where everything is true) that tequila was not worse then drinking beer. In fact it had some positive points. I don’t care if the facts are true or not and it’s better to have your OWN opinion about it. When I am speaking of Tequila I am meaning 100% agave tequila. Lucky it can be easily found in the USA and it is starting to be more and more available in the Netherlands.

The sugars in Tequila don’t have any calories !

100% agave tequila contains agavin. This is made from the agave nectar and it is a sweetener. Because you can’t digest it you won’t get any calories ! Some scientist say that agavin can help reduce diabetes type 2, but I will not say that, because I did not find any prove of this saying.

Tequila makes you slim ?

One tequila shot glass during or after dinner will makes your body productive to lower the glucose level. When you are over weighted you actually can loose weight with a moderate shot glass of tequila every day. You can shoot it or sip on it. I prefer to sip it so that you can taste it better. Of course I never use salt or lemon. That was a trick of the cheap tequila’s to hide the awful taste of it.

Lower the Cholesterol.

Because there is only 100% agave in tequila it lowers your cholesterol ! Here is an article about it.

Conclusion :

Tequila contains alcohol which is not good for your body and if you keep your intake to one or two shot glasses each day, it can have some advantages over the disadvantages. Make up your own mind if you start drinking tequila. I like it and I buy only 100% agave tequila. There is still a lot of difference between the brands and types of tequila. Because I am just beginning I can’t say which is a good tequila and which isn’t. I prefer Avion, Patron or Casa Noble but also 1800’ers and others I drink. 🙂

Avion Tequila


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