Why 2nd hand solar panels

Nature is what I like and Solar Panels are my fun !

5760 Watt is it enough ?

4 years ago I started with solar panels. Because the new ones were out of budget, I bought “old” ones with an old  model inverter. They were not used but because the wattage of the panel was too low (180 watt) nobody bought those. Lucky for me I got everything for a low price. Now I had 8 panels of 180 Watt, which is a total of 1440 Watt.

The next project was to use used Sharp 160 Watt panels. I started with 9 and added 3 more to the string. Of course it was connected to another inverter. This set have a total of 1920 Watt.

Due to the fact that I got enough space on my roof, I was looking for cheap panels and inverter. Finally I found the same 160 Watt Sharp panels. This time I bought 15 solar panels. 15 x 160 Watt = 2400 Watt. So my total is now 5760 Watt… Guess this is enough for  me ! 😉

2nd Hand Solar Panel

When I buy 2nd hand solar panels, I always test them. The voltage and amperage should be kind correct. That some panels were not clean, I do not care. Just clean the panels with a brush and just water. Do not put additive into the water. Clean water works the best.


You can use an aluminium click system to put the solar panels in place. I like working with wood, so I choose again for impregnated wood. It takes a little bit more preparation, but it got 1/10 of the cost of the click system !


3 panels are connected to each other with wood. Then I flip the 3 panels over and assembly it with the roof. Just some screws and that is it. If you think this will not hold during storms… Think again. 😉 My place is 250 meters from the sea up north in the Netherlands.


Solar panels connected with wood.

Solar panels connected with wood.

15 solar panels of 160 Watt

15 solar panels of 160 Watt

Now it is just connecting the panels to the inverter. When you see something on the display, everything is working. Hooray ! Hopefully the sun will shine brighter and brighter.

Return on Investment.

Okay, it is nice that I am using 2nd hand solar panels. What are the advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage is that the panel is loosing its strength. But I don’t care. I got enough panels now for a cheap price.

The biggest advantage is the price and Return on Investment. For this set I paid 55 euro per panel. (825 euro). 400 euro for the unused 3000W inverter and 70 euro of wood and RVS Screws. A total of 1295 euro for 2400 Watt.

Because I am living in the north of the Netherlands, I got over 1000 hours of sun each year. So this system will get me 2400 Kwh.

2400 (Kwh) * 0.24 (Euro per Kwh)= 576 euro each year.

1295 / 576 = 2.3 year before I earned back the solar panels. This is a way better ROI compared to new systems ! Then you have to wait >7 years. Because I have already some solar panels, I did get some money back from utilities company and this system was my investment.

My roof (on the south) is now totally filled with solar panels and 5760 Watt is enough for me. So no more panels. 😉 Next project : Solar Collectors. 😉



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