Convert VMWare .OVA to Hyper-V .VHD

On my laptop I am using Virtualbox often. It’s easy and quick. Sometimes you will have to convert a VMWare .ova file into a Hyper-V file.

Now you can find a ton of application on the internet and some are working. Because I got already Virtualbox installed on my laptop, I am using this application.

When I am using the GUI of Virtualbox I can clone, but only to an .ovf format. So how did I convert the vmware image into a hyper-v image ?


The .ova file got a .vmdk file in it ! Just rename it to .zip and now you can extract the .vmdk from the .ova.

With the command vboxmanage.exe you can clone the harddisk to another format. In my case I used the command :

VBoxManage.exe clonehd --format vhd "c:\zooi\image\test.vmdk" "c:\zooi\image\test.vhd"

Now you can import the .vhd in your Hyper-V environment. You should use “Use an existing virtual harddisk” and it works !

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