How to get Cisco Updates (HyperFlex and all other Cisco devices)

How do you know when there is a new release of software or you are waiting for a bug fix… It’s possible with the Cisco subscription !


Get Email Notifications of Updates

Just create a subscription at :


When you login with your CCO account you will see :

My Notifications for Updates

You can select End Of Sale, Field Notices and Cisco Security Advisories about a product or technology.

Or you can select Software Updates and Known Bugs.

You can’t select them both. I always create two subscriptions about the products I want to have a close eye on.

When you select one of the options, you can select products. As example I am searching for “hyperflex”, but it could be any Cisco products.


You will get a big list and I select all the hardware (All HyperFlex HX-Series)


This is not enough, because we also have the software, so we select more products.

In this case I choose also “HyperFlex HX Data Platform”

No click Create and the subscription is made.


Personally I like to have enough email with all kind of things about HyperFlex, so I have two subscriptions.


And when there is something to tell you, you will receive an email :

In this case the content was about the Known Bugs of HyperFlex.


When you want to track a bug id and wait for a workaround or solution, you can click on : Track a Bug [1]

Now you are able to enter a specific Bug ID [2]

Finally click on Track a Bug [3] and you will receive emails when there are updates.



This features I am personally using for ages ! Even in the time when I did only WAN/LAN networking.

Use it and take advantage of it.


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