Isoglucose production quota.

No more production quota for isoglucose in Europe !

Yesterday I heard on the radio that Europe won’t have any quota anymore for isoglucose. Because I do have diabetes, I know a lot regarding sugars, but I had never heard of isoglucose. After googling it, I noticed it’s just High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Something I know, because I go often to the USA and almost all products do have HCFS. There is a difference between glucose, fructose. And do we need it ?

Is this a bad thing ? Personally I think it is. It’s a cheap way to create “sugar” but it’s not good for our health. Of course a lot of things are not good for our health. HFCS is made of corn, but it’s not natural ! Bio-diesel can also be made out of corn and that is also something you don’t want in your lemonade.

isoglucose or hfcs. made from corn.

Monsanto is used frequently for the corn. I don’t like the products of them and the politics behind it. The product can’t be good to humans and why use this corn in products when it’s “poisoned” with the products ? This is my personal view. The FDA (Food and Drug Adminstration) claims that HFCS is “Generally regarded As Safe”.

Why was there an European production quota on it ? Well. The answer doesn’t matter. ISOGLUCOSE or HFCS will be available in a lot of european food products. It will be a problem and a lot of persons will be having obesity.

Food producers are saying that it’s not easy to change from sugars to isoglucose, but when they can make a lot of money, they will change ! Hopefully the isoglucose will be made in Europe in a biological way. Still not good, but at least it’s not very bad.

Here is a nice video which explain a bit about sugars, fructose, glucose etc. :


Information about High Fructose Corn Syrup :


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