Solving Persperctive Distortion… And what is it?

When I was creating video’s with the Lightboard of some other normal video’s, somebody noticed something strange. It was a distortion of my hand in the video. After a half a day googling about it, here is what I found:

What is perspective distortion?

When we see object, on our mind they are in perspective. We know the size of a car and a ball. And even when the ball in closer to our eyes, we still see it in perspective. A camera is 2D and it don’t see it in perspective. You can get some strange images.

Here you see that my hand is bigger compared to my other hand or head. Because this is 2D, the image has perspective distortion.

It all has to do with the angel of the camera. Distance of you and the other object to the camera. I explain it in the video below.

Is there software to resolve Perspective Distortion?

With OBS Studio and other commercial software, you can apply FishEye Correction filters. This is nice, but it don’t solve the perspective distortion. It only reduce the FishEye effect. There is no software (that I am aware of) that can solve this problem.

Here is the full YouTube video where I show and explain it:

How to solve Perspective Distortion.. (And what is it?)

Here are, in short, the solutions:

Solution 1: Minimize the distance difference of the objects.

The distortion takes place when the object is relative substantial closer to the camera compared to the other object. If you make sure that your hand movements are closer to your body and not closer to your camera, you won’t see the effect.

Solution 2: Take your distance

You can also create bigger distance between you and the camera. This way your movements are not substantial. The problem is that your camera has to zoom in and will get a smaller angle.

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