Export Slides in Full HD Size

There are several ways to create a video with PowerPoint slides. There is a possibility to create a video from PowerPoint itself, but I like to have the slides a pictures. This way it is easy to create a production with the slides in, for instance, Camtasia. How do you export slides and change the resolution?

Let’s Start Export Slides to Picures

If you have a slide exported to a PNG, the size can be not the size you want it to be. You can change it via the registry [Link To Microsoft Doc]or you can do it via an easier way.

In my case, the default exported slide is 1280×720. When you want to use this picture in a full HD (1920×1080) video, you will have to expand this picture and you’re see that the quality is getting worse.

Camtasia with default export powerpoint slide
PowerPoint Exported slide is only 1280×720.

Here is PowerPoint with just a one slide.

Tab Design for Slide Size
Change the Slide Size in PowerPoint

If you go to the Tab : Design, you can change the Slide Size:

Custom Slide Size Powerpoint

For a 1920×1080 picture you will have to change the Width to 20 in and Height to 11.25 inch.

20in x 11.25in for 1920x1080 png export size
Change the Width and Height

If you want to have 4K pictures, change the size to 40 in and 22.5 in.

Now we can export the slide.

Click : Export, Change File Type, PNG.

Export the slide(s) to PNG files.
Export the Slides to PNG Files

Select if just the select slide will be exported or all slides.

All Slides export
Select All Slides of Just one Slide

When all slides is selected, there is a possibility that a different directory with all the PNGs are created.

With changing the slide size, the resolution of the exported picture is changed.

Full HD Picture Size
The new “Slide Picture” is 1920×1080

This picture can be used in your FullHD Video with way better quality.

Camtasia with PNG slide in correct size.
And you can use it for creating Full HD Videos.

I’m using Camtasia as video editor and I am not sponsored by TechSmith.

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