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Take a Parachute and Jump !

10/18/2019 Joost 0

For my birthday my wife gave me a coupon for a tandem parachute jump at . On a nice Tuesday me and my wife went to Texel. Although I live close, it took about […]

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Hoenderdaal 2018

11/15/2018 Joost 0

I am living in the north of the Netherlands and in the neighborhood there is some kind of zoo called Hoenderdaal It looks small and it’s really amazing. Just a walk and some drinks could […]

Final Result Taxidermy
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Yes I Can ! Taxidermy

09/18/2018 Joost 0

Last weekend me and my wife did a beginners course of taxidermy. This doesn’t make me any pro, but at least I know if I like it or not. It’s possible that you see some […]

Faceebook Page
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Why A Facebook Page ?

06/04/2017 Joost van der Made 0

Blogging is fun ! My personal words on the internet and anyone can read those. Twitter is a good medium to spread the word and there are other social media apps. But a lot of […]

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04/08/2013 0

vPC / CFS Do not enter the no cfs eth distribute or the no cfs distribute command. You must enable CFSoE for… View Post

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