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Wow ! What a colorful wedding.

09/16/2018 Joost 0

On august 1st I got married and it was an awesome day. Because this wasn’t our first wedding, we wanted to have a nice atmosphere with a lot of fun. Preperation I propose to my […]

Data Center

How dCloud Almost Saved My Life !

07/07/2018 Joost 0

The saterday before my Cisco Live presentation there was a power outage in my lab. I had already for 5 hours no connection to my HyperFlex cluster and I was getting very very nervous. The lab would […]

Data Center

ESXi upgrade for Cisco HyperFlex

05/21/2018 Joost 7

Every now and then there are some new versions of software. Not only for Cisco HyperFlex Data Platform, but also for ESXi. It’s not recommended to do an auto update of vmware, because Cisco HyperFlex […]

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